Impotence - Suggestions about Impotence and the Treatments Available!

One of the very most common types of fake Viagra is known as kamagra. Kamagra is mostly stated in India under substandard conditions. A person recently died in the break resort of Pattaya in Thailand after having a kamagra tablet, the neighborhood authorities confirmed that he died of an overdose within two hours of taking the fake medication. Kamagra is stated in remote aspects of third world countries like India, the guidelines and regulations which are followed by European and America pharmaceutical companies are not honored in the 3rd world. The FDA and the EMEA have strict guide lines for the production and the testing of this kind of medication. Kamagra can be quite a very tempting offer for guys shopping on line for impotence medication due to the really low cost compared to the cost genuine Viagra.

One of the significant reasons why kamagra is so dangerous is really because in the production process, the active component sildenafil isn't mixed properly and this content of each kamagra виагра украина tablet can vary.The consequences of that is any particular one pill may not need enough sildenafil to take an impact and another pill may have to much sildenafil and might lead to you to overdose, as this was the case with the man who died in Thailand. Kamagra has also been found to contain other impurities and ingredients which are banned in America and Europe. My advice to any person who will buy this kind of over the internet is to get the genuine products, they are more expensive but a what cost can you value your health. With the trade in pharmaceutical impotence treatments booming, there's no surprise that the trade in fake medication is booming alongside it. Viagra , Cialis and Levitra have all fallen victim to the counter fitters. The fake medications at best don't work and at the worst are dangerous to your health. With so many available on the net how could you make sure which will be real and which are fake. The easy answer is you can't, the only way to make sure to are getting the real deal is to really get your medication via your doctor or via a selected pharmacy.

A number of the ingredients used to produce the fake pills,range from blue paint that has been used as a colouring to pesticide (boric acid) which ingested in big enough quantities could be fatal. Other substances include brick dust that has been used as a caking agent and floor wax used as a coating. Fake medication have also been found to contain dangerously high quantities of sildenafil citrate which will be the drug used to take care of impotence. You can find no official figures to the number of fatalities which have been right down to fake impotence [] medications but an estimated 100,000 people in China have died due to fake medicines. So if you intend to buy Viagra or any other form of impotence medication where do you start? You can find safe generic medications on the market, generic meaning a precise copy of the original but how could you tell? You can't, its a lottery. A high tip is to avoid any site selling cheap Viagra, Viagra isn't cheap its more on the expensive side, one high street pharmacy sells 8 Viagra for around £70, in order to bet your bottom dollar that an internet site that is selling the same product for £1.20 is selling fake medications. You can find sites on the net selling genuine but not that many. It's against what the law states to market prescription medications unless you really are a registered and selected pharmacy. Check the credentials of any company that you are going to purchase off.